GENE VASCONI Media Expert - Media Producer - Publisher - Composer


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Starting in 1966, Gene worked in radio as an on-air DJ at WPIC in Sharon, PA. Later, after moving on to news reporting at WHHH in Warren, Ohio, he took a job at WYTV, the ABC affiliate in Youngstown, Ohio.

He soon was promoted to being a Producer/Director at WYTV and was responsible for commercial and promotion production. In addition, he directed the morning program they called Good Morning Youngstown.

In 1980, he moved on to KAUT in Oklahoma City as the Senior Producer/Director responsible for all on-air production.

Leaving broadcasting in 1990, he purchased the electronic media portion of the consulting firm he was working at and created Communication Arts, a media production facility. That company is still in operation today in Georgetown, Texas specializing in high definition television and electronic media production.

Communication Arts Multimedia, Inc. can be contacted at (512) 868-0548 or on their web site at