GENE VASCONI Media Expert - Media Producer - Publisher - Composer


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From the beginning of his career, Gene has always been interested in the technical side of electronics. Early on his interest were in tape recorders, radios and phonographs but that developed into a fascination with computers. It didn't take long for that interest to be utilized in his career.

In the mid 1980's Gene was hired by Layton International to organize and operated a media production division. In addition to the video/audio requirements, it was necessary to create Laserdisc-based interactive training. Gene was tasked to acquire the knowledge to do this and it began a new phase of his experience.

Since that time and after purchasing the electronics division, Gene has offered clients the best in multimedia projects. Most often these are produced for museums and include interactive touchscreen displays, multi-sensory theaters, and other informational displays that interact with the user

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