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The following is my opinion on a topic of my interest. You may share my opinion or you may not and that is your choice. I do not write these things without a great deal of thought and consideration of as many facts as possible. However, as you will discover if you choose to press on, I believe in personal integrity, responsibility, and securing one's country in a manner that benefits those legally living in it.

The Real Danger to the United States

May 2018

Many of us are quizaholics.  That is a word you won’t find in the dictionary  … oops …I must define that for those who are under 30.  A dictionary (unlike Wikipedia) is an actual printed book containing words and their meanings.  Usually contains information on how the word is used and its pronunciation.  Y’know…all of the stuff not needed today.

Anyway, I digress…

So, here is a quiz question.  Pick the one item below that might be considered to be the most serious danger to the United States in 2018?  Normally I would just offer three but today there are so many to choose from.

  1.  Illegal immigration
  2. A potential overheated (inflationary) economy
  3. Mass media corruption
  4. Foreign power advances
  5. Race relations
  6. Increasing socialism/radicalism from the left-wing

My choice (and since this is my blog, I get to pick) is “C” Mass media corruption.

Before I explain my choice, let me run through each other selections and briefly discuss why I did not choose it:

  1.  Illegal immigration.  While it should be important for a country to secure its borders, this is something that can be accomplished by a government and it is mostly a mindset on the part of the ruling class.  In other words, when politicians decide to actually govern for the betterment of the country and not for some ideology, illegal immigration can be handled. 
  2.  A potential overheated (inflationary) economy.  This too can be handled by a government willing to balance a raging economy with common sense and holding inflation low.  There are hundreds of nuances to economic strategizing and I am not skilled in that area but I do not see this issue as catastrophic.
  3. We shall discuss.
  4. Foreign power advances.  I think you are seeing the thread here that all of these items can be addressed by a government and, if desired to be, can be solved.  Indeed there are many countries in the world that wish our demise but they, as well as our allies, realize that to do so would be suicide.  It is why they don’t try and take us out with some big gigantic bomb they have been developing in a tent in the middle of a desert.  The U.S. leads the world economy and, until China takes over (guaranteed), we have to be kept in business.  The only wild card in this is the Muslim terrorist plan to kill non-Muslims at whatever cost and destroy the world because their religion dictates it.  We, of course, are too stupid to pick up on this and, like the shark in “Jaws”, will ignore the problem until it swims up and bites us in the butt.
  5. Race relations.  Black/Hispanic/white race relations are all products of each race’s mistakes.  How many people of another race do you know?  I am not talking about gangbangers or other bad actors; I am talking about decent people who are just trying to live a decent life.  I know some and they are nice people but the scenario comes to the forefront when decent people start listening to their “leaders’ who have their own agendas. Those agendas usually revolve around their making money somehow.  It is what Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have been feeding the black community for decades.  It is what the cartels have been oppressing their Hispanic people with along with a string of corrupt Mexican governments.  And of course, the white perspective on blacks was heavily influenced by the slave trade. But these can all be ironed out if people stop making excuses, analyze the problems and work it all out.  It really isn’t that far away if people decide to all clean up their acts.
  6. Increasing socialism/radicalism from the left-wing.  This is second on my list of real dangers because it is so entrenched and fueled by blatant stupidity and greed.  I don’t need to give specific examples of this but just name a few names:  Pelosi, Waters, Obama, Clintons, Sanders.  Sprinkle in a few more bit players like Schumer and McCain (yes, a closet liberal) and you have a real faction of left-leaners who all seem to be hell-bent on a course of self destruction that will take the country down the path of becoming a third world nation and an eventual member of a New World Order of universal equality – another phrase for universal mediocrity and corruption (can you say United Nations).  But again, this can be fixed by a government that, given a majority mindset, can enact policies to push this left-wing (i.e. communist/socialist/fascist) thinking back into the post WWII times.

So, now we come to the biggie, the one answer that is the stealth python slowly gobbling up the country and the one that will eventually engulf it.  Mass media corruption.  How can something like a TV show or Internet site cause the destruction of the country?  Let’s first see how the media is supposed to work and see how it is not doing its job.

The Constitution mentions in Article I that the freedom of the press is guaranteed and it is obvious that the framers believed this was an important factor to ensure the viability of the country.  Freedom is defined as the state of being free from coercion, force and constraint but this mention in the Constitution implies that with freedom comes a responsibility.  So, in my mind, the job of the public media is to be a watchdog of all activities pursued by the government, to be a non-biased reporter of any news that affects people, and to do so with no attempt at being partisan or one-sided in any way.  In exchange for that lofty pursuit, the public gives its trust.

Now, look at where we are today and how this scenario has been brewing for decades.  Of course, the reality of freedom and responsibility of the press is that it is hard to imagine any press outlet that doesn’t have an opinion on something.  Newspapers have done this since the beginnings of the country and electronic media has followed suit.  The difference is that most often these opinions have been labeled as editorial opinions and have been placed on their own apart from the “real news.”  Certainly media ownership has always made it clear that they wish a certain point to be stressed but it has always been done with regard to ensuring that the publication retains its reputation as reporting fairly and accurately.  This is no longer the case and this is why the real danger to this country is media corruption.

The first job of any news media should be to ensure its journalistic reputation remains untarnished.

When nasty people can get their hands on a public media outlet and control the reporting to slant or even ignore important stories then we have a real problem.  Most of us are creatures of habit and we (if we are interested at all) will follow an information source we believe tells it like we want.  So, if you are a liberal you will follow a CNN: a conservative you will follow a Fox News.  Most of us will not watch the competing source to get a balanced viewpoint.  The sad truth is that there is not a mainstream media outlet that gives this balance – the closest (by polls) is Fox news.  So, we have large portions of the population being brainwashed by agenda-driven pseudo journalists and these people form their opinions based on flawed information.

If you want to experience Communist Russia or Nazi Germany, look to the media.  The difference here is that the government is not controlling the media, people who are pursuing the destruction of the country are.  Same process just different players.  Look at the results of a corrupt media since the Clinton Presidency.  Time and time again we see polls showing how people do not trust media stories, reports eventually uncovered by watchdog organizations like Judicial Watch or Wikileaks detailing illegal activities throughout the government that were not reported by mainstream media, positive developments good for the country that are ignored by the media, obvious bias in favor of liberals and against conservatives, nasty lawbreakers who are applauded publicly.  The list goes on and on and is unacceptable when your media is to be entrusted with reporting fairly to the public.

I spent a number of years in the broadcasting industry and some of that time I reported news.  I can say for a fact that most of the people I worked with would have resigned if management had tried to force them to slant a story or mis-report.  My colleagues were fanatics for being “squeaky clean” reporters.  CBS, for example, proudly boasted that news was a sacred cow and sales and advertising would not even get close to affecting it.  Try to make that same statement today.  Given enough money and influence, you can own whatever news story you wish.

Today’s media has generally become a laughing stock; comics bloviating about items they have no knowledge of; eternal castigation of public figures their company is against; manufactured facts and anonymous sources that are ridiculous except for those who are too ignorant to think clearly.  So, the problem is that we have a media disease.  A disease that is contagious and pervasive and it is infecting the established processes that have been designed to keep us a viable country.  It is a disease that infects those reporting the “news” but also infects those receiving the information.  It is emboldened by modern technological effects, PR techniques, endless repetition and slick packaging that make it seem like “real” news.  It is as dangerous as the worst viral plague on the planet and it is in the bloodstream of America.

Until this disease is cut out and destroyed, this country will continue to rot from within and eventually fall apart.  The solution must come from we, the people who must shake off the suffocating dust that is covering us and demand accountability and quality from reporting sources.  We no longer live in a world where we can trust another’s honesty and so that honesty must now be legislated with substantial penalties for non compliance.  It is sad to see that we live in such times but, if we wish to continue to exist in a mostly free country purchased by the blood of our forefathers that is safe from the myriad deleterious forces against us, we must clean up our internal act and that clean-up must sterilize the present filth from our public media.

I wish us all good luck.