GENE VASCONI Media Expert - Media Producer - Publisher - Composer

About Gene Vasconi

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Music, television, aviation, and writing have all been part of Gene's life. He spent his first year out of high school at the Cleveland Institute of Music. The, he enrolled at the Dana School of Music at the then Youngstown University in Ohio. Following graduation Gene spent three years in Maryland and Hawaii as an Army bandsman gaining tremendous experience. After discharge, he resumed his career in broadcasting.

Gene is the owner of Communication Arts Multimedia, Inc. It is a media production business located in Georgetown, Texas which is about 30 minutes north of Austin. He has owned and operated it since 1990.

The company produces digital video projects for television, theatrical, promotion, advertising and to compliment the multimedia side of the company.

The multimedia side involves creating special projects for museums such as interactive theaters, touchscreen displays, and all of the other attractions you would find in a museum. You can find more about that by clicking here.

Gene has written two books. His first was an overview of his media communication experience called "Say What bookSay What? Do You really Know What You Are Communicating?"

It is an easy to read manual on maximizing your personal and business communication style so that you are in charge of what you communicate and not others.

It covers interpersonal, electronic, billboard, print, Radio/TV plus gives you some very powerful hints on creating non-verbal communication, power writing techniques, self-defense techniques and how to handle crisis communications. Click on the book to jump to the High Hopes Publishing site for more information and to order.


Gene's second book was written after a surprising bout with bladder cancer made him pay attention to For Bladder or Worse bookthe many doctors that were fondling his private parts. Gene decided to confront this serious subject in a humorous way and wrote "For Bladder Or Worse."

It is really written in two parts: first part is Gene's humorous take on being probed, cathetered, scraped, stared at by nurses (he wishes), and more. Part two contains interviews with some excellent healthcare pros like two exceptional urologists, a naturopath, a psychologist, and a health insurance expert.

Again, click on the book to jump to the High Hopes Publishing site.

Gene has done a lot of radio and selected speaking engagements on the topic of both books. If you have a need, you can contact him through the number below.

Finally, Gene's activities also encompass music as he is a musician and holds a degree in it.

He is a published composer and has written pieces for brass quintet, solo instruments, choir and orchestra, and vocal groups with acoustic/synthesized accompaniment.